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Good footwear and the proper fit are vital for the healthy development of your child's feet. Badly fitted shoes can cause ongoing foot problems in the long-term. 

There are 26 bones in a foot. When a child is very young the bones are soft cartilage and can be easily damaged by poor quality shoes. These bones are not fully developed until the age of 18, so good footwear is important, not just for the first few years, but throughout childhood and the teenage years. 

We have carefully selected internationally renowned children's footwear brands. They use only the best quality, natural materials, including chrome-free leather and and nickel-free metals. Quality, comfort, functionality and design are the focus of the brands we stock.

We stock from pre-walkers up to size 43. Prewalkers imitate barefoot walking and allow for the natural and healthy development of children’s feet. As the feet grow, more support is needed in the heel and ankle areas, while maintaining flexibility in the sole allows for natural movement. 

When you visit our shop, one of our trained shoe fitters will measure and fit your child ensuring the shoe and brand most suited to your child’s needs. Our preference is always for shoes to be fitted in person. However, if you are unable to visit our shop, please call us on 01 8252557 Monday-Friday between 9.30am-6pm and we will be happy to advise on all size and fit queries. We have also included a handy, brand-specific sizing guide on each product page.