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Biomecanics E8 Ocean

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Biomecanics E8 Ocean

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Biomechanics is designed to adapt to each stage of the natural growth of children’s feet. The leather used is of the highest quality and chrome-free. Metals are nickel-free and all glues are water-based. The soles are flexible and allow for movement of the foot in all directions. They have a grooved design to allow for adequate grip.

The soft stabilisers in this design and the extra wide base allow babies and toddlers to keep their balance when they take their first steps and continue to perfect their walking at the early stages. This innovation eliminates the need for internal reinforcement or support that restrict ankle movement.

The Velcro fastening system allows the shoe to be securely adjusted. The padded tongue prevents excessive pressure on the top of the foot. There are no small, removable parts that could be dangerous for little ones.

  • Designed to adapt to every growth stage
  • Chrome-free leather
  • Nickel-free metals
  • Flexible sole
  • Groove design on soles for grip
  • Stabilisers and extra wide base to aid balance
  • Padded tongue for extra comfort
  • No small, removable parts

Please see our Biomechanics measurement chart to help with sizing. To measure at home please see our measuring guide. If you need further assistance with sizing please contact us on email or call 00 353 1 8252557. We are open 9.30am-6pmMonday-Saturday